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These aprons have been in daily testing for 7+ years while continuing improvements to the design and fit geometry with our goal to make one of the best fitting, fastest removal, lightest and toughest USA made apron for the best crafters out there.

One of our test aprons is going on its 7th year of daily use in a sheet metal/machine shop with only a minor pocket rip as you can see in the photo! 

We are super proud of the fit and feel of these and they only get more comfortable the more you wear them. Once the apron is adjusted to your body, you can take it on and off in seconds.

The removable tool pocket is designed for when your working around a sweet hot rod and you don't want to risk dropping anything on it causing damage or you just don't need that extra weight for the days work, with quick snaps the removal and installation takes seconds.  

Designed by Jeff at Cutting Time for fabricators, machinist and other crafters out there, using the most highest grade wax canvas and USA made MIL spec latches out there.

Each apron is sewed in California by Zodic Bag Company - A USA leader in heavy duty bicycle & motorcycle courier equipment. 

Custom sizes or Pockets can be ordered at additional charge and time.

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